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The hitting “slash stats” of batting average, on base percentage, and slugging percentage can tell you a lot about a hitter, unless that hitter is a pitcher.  For one thing, pitchers don’t get up to the plate very often.  While an everyday player will amass over 500 plate appearances, pitchers rarely even have 100.  So at best a pitcher’s hitting stats are equivalent to a few weeks of a position player’s hitting stats.  Another problem is that pitchers don’t hit like other batters.  Obviously most pitchers are terrible hitters, but what I mean is that their approach at the plate is much different from other hitters.  For a pitcher, simply getting one out can be considered a good at bat. If they manage to move a runner over in the process, it’s a rousing success. So while you can look at Joey Votto’s .324/.424/.600 and see why he won the NL MVP in 2010, Clayton Kershaw’s .055/.071/.055 doesn’t really tell you anything useful.



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